Signal 9 Secure Phones

World class encrypted communications for the privacy-conscious user.




Your Privacy Is Eroded Every Day. Time to Take it Back.

Signal 9 secure phones come installed with a suite of encrypted communication solutions. Encrypted phone calls, encrypted text messages, private internet browsing, and full disk encryption let you take your privacy back into your own hands.


Carry Your Sensitive Information With Confidence.

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Modular, customizable privacy features. All open-source, all trusted.

Secure Voice

Secure Voice

End-to-end encryption for your voice calls through Whisper Systems RedPhone to protect against eavesdropping.

Secure Text

Secure Text Messaging

Secure text messaging through Whisper Systems TextSecure. Messages are encrypted and only accessible to you on the phone. Messages are also encrypted over the network when communicating with other TextSecure users.
Secure OS

Powerful, Secure Operating System

Powered by CyanogenMod. Rest easy knowing this peer-reviewed OS is free from backdoors and offers Full Disk Encryption and location disabling options.

Anonymous Web Browsing

Protected by the Tor network. Your traffic is bounced around the world through a sequence of anonymous internet nodes, securing your internet browsing from sniffing/surveillance.
Full Disk Encryption

Application Locker

Powered by Lockdown Pro, your applications are only available to those who have the password. Applications can also be disabled geographically by sensing your GPS position.
Locked Down Applications and Folders

File and Folder Encryption

Secret Space Encrypter lets you encrypt your important files and folders using the most advanced encryption algorithms available to the public. In case trouble is imminent, SSE allows you to irretrievably wipe them forever.



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